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Aston Martin DB5 For Sale

Finding an Aston Martin DB5 for sale is not easy. This car is considered iconic by many as it became famous as the Bond car in Goldfinger(this Bond does not compare well to the recent Daniel Craig Bond films). The car is now synonymous with style, fashion, and glamour. Many vintage car collectors would be happy to own this an Aston Martin DB5 as its design and performance match the dreams of car aficionados.

Engine Performance of the DB5

The engine capacity of the Aston Martin DB5 was enhanced to 4 liters from the earlier DB4 Series V. This was achieved by increasing the bore to 96 mm. It has three SU carburetors. Besides it has a full syncromesh ZF five speed gear box. Me cars are available with a three speed automatic transmission. Its fared lamps are also part of its distinctive appearance though this was introduced in the previous DB model itself.
The Girling disc brakes and the 15 inch wheels were also new to the DB5. Apart from these, the Aston Martin DB5 has electric windows and twin hydraulic brake servos.
The engine was capable of 282 bhp that soon became the standard power for Aston Martin cars of the future.

Interior Specifications

The Aston Martin DB5 for sale will also be a treat as far as its interiors are concerned. While the technical details under the bonnet are what provides it with the power to make it a Bond car, the style quotient is found in the interior and exterior of this car.
This car comes with reclining seats, wool pile carpets, chrome wire wheels, twin fuel tanks, oil cooler, a magnesium alloy body, a fire extinguisher, and full leather trim in the cabin.
All the Aston Martin DB5’s have two doors and have a 2+2 configuration.

Variations of this Fine Auto

The Aston Martin DB5 comes in a few variations such as the DB5 Vantage, the DB5 convertible, and the DB5 shooting brake. The Vantage has greater performance and flexibility provided by the three Weber twin choke side draft carburetors and new camshaft profiles. These cars produces 315 hp and only 65 coupes were ever built making them a true collector’s item.
Only 123 Aston Martin DB5 Convertibles were ever produced. Not all of them have a left hand drive, making them even more rare in the world of vintage cars.
The DB5 shooting brake was meant to be used by sportsmen and is the equivalent of a modern estate car. There is nothing wrong with that.

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