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Aston Martin DBS For Sale

If you are looking for an Aston Martin DBS for sale you are could be looking for a car produced between 1967 and 1972 or a car produced after 2008, although newer models of the DBS are called DBS V12 to distinguish from the vintage versions. This car is also part of the Bond garage as it featured in the film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

A Terrible Moment

The fact that this car was used in another Bond film makes it part of the iconic Bond cars and is prized by car collectors who love the style and luxury feel of these cars. In keeping with the idea of Bond and the films based on the character, the Aston Martin DBS was designed to look technologically superior to the other cars of the time. Apart from looking stunning, this car had a part in the tragic scene where Bond’s new wife Tracy is killed as she is sitting in it.

One of the Best Bonds Ever

The car also featured in Casino Royale with Bond performing a breathtaking stunt – rolling it seven times. This car was a newer DBS and had evolved to keep up with the technology that Bond films and their fans expect.

Engine of the Beast

The Aston Martin DBS for sale will have a straight 6 engine. This car is a larger coupe with four full sized seats. It is powered by a four liter engine that had a 282 bhp. These models will have the SU carburetor units. Some models will have a Weber carburetor that increased the engine power to 325 bhp.


The Aston Martin DBS was initially designed to look more modern. This was achieved by giving it a fastback look and squared off front grille. The other exterior features are typical of the Aston Martin stable and include the knock off wire wheels, bonnet scoop, stainless steel bridgework, and side air vents.

The DBS V8

Another older model of the Aston Martin DBS is the DBS V8. These cars were manufactured from 1969 to 1972. They came with 5340 cc V8 engine. It was the fastest four seater at the time it was produced and boasted of the best technology and design of its times. It had ventilated brakes and light alloy wheels instead of the more standard wire wheels used by other Aston Martin cars of the times. The car can either have a ZF-5 speed manual gear box or an automatic gear box.

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