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Aston Martin Lagonda For Sale

The Aston Martin Lagonda for sale you have come across is a very rare car as only 645 units were produced from 1974 to 1990. Of these the first version was based on the Aston Martin V8, while the ultra-modern version was produced in 1976. This car is essentially a four door luxury saloon that was manufactured to help improve the fortunes of the company in the 1970s. The car was a success financially as many customers paid deposits to book it and this helped the company’s cash reserves.

Design Features of the Lagonda

The Aston Martin Lagonda for sale is designed in an extreme version of the folded paper style. While some people love it, others are equally unhappy about it. The striking and distinctive external styling of the car is complemented by its opulent and luxurious interior. It has a club-like leather interior and had what was the latest instrumentation of its times.

Engine Features of this Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Lagonda for sale will have the TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission developed by Chrysler and a 4 cam carbureted V8 engine. These luxury cars provide very low mileage in single digits per gallon of fuel.
The Lagonda has ventilated brakes, telescopic shock absorbers, anti roll bar, and self leveling coil springs to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.


The Lagonda is a handcrafted luxury saloon that is one of the most expensive cars in the world.

New Technology

Though handcrafted, the Lagonda also incorporated the latest technology of its times. It was the first production car to use a digital instrument panel and computer management.


The Lagonda can attain top speeds on between 143 and 149 mph depending on the series. It has a 5.3 liter, 340 cc engine that can produce 280 bhp of power.
Though the Lagonda was unveiled in 1976, the first car was delivered only in 1979. This was because the production of the handcrafted car took time, with only one being completed per week. Each car took about 2,200 man hours to produce, justifying its high cost. This car was cleared for sale in the U.S. only in 1982.
Even after that only 25 cars were produced each year for the U.S. market. The Lagonda was redesigned in 1987 with rounded off edges to give it a new look. Production of the car was stopped in 1990, so the available cars are sought after by car collectors.

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