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1968 Camaro For Sale 

A 1968 Camaro from Chevrolet is a first generation Camaro and is sought after by those looking for classic and antique cars. This 1968 Camaro for sale is mounted on a rear wheel drive GM F-body platform and was available as a 2 door 2+2 coupe or convertible.
If you find a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro for sale you need to determine if it has a 6-cylinder or V-8 power plant. The Camaro 1968 came with 10 different engines, so you need to find out which one the model on sale has. While the car had a standard drive train of 230 cu with 140 horse power, it had a Saginaw three-speed manual transmission. Some models have the four-speed transmission that was available as an option in 1968. Many of the 1968 models have the two-speed Powerglide or automatic transmission as they were popular with buyers.

Design Options for the 68 Camaro

When you are looking at a Camaro 1968 for sale you need to determine its design. There are three main models – the RS, the SS, and the Z/28.
The RS Camaro has hidden headlights, RS badging, exterior bright trim, revised tail lights, and backup lights under the rear bumper.
The SS Camaro has a chassis upgrade to better handle the increased power provided by the 350 or 396 cu in the V8 engine. Apart from the superior performance, this car also had special badging and striping as well as additional nonfunctional air vents in the hood.
The Z/28 model was also meant to offer better performance. It was originally designed to enable the Camaro to compete in the SCCA Trans-Am series. It has a solid lifter 302 V-8 engine, four-speed transmission, power disc brakes, and two solid stripes on the hood and deck lid.

Design Modifications for the 1968

The 1968 Camaro for sale will differ from the earlier models because it will have the Astro Ventilation for fresh air. This also led to the removal of the previously used side vent windows. This year, the car featured side marker lights on both the front and rear fenders in line with government requirements. The front grille became more pointed and the car sports divided rear lights. Some models have oval front running lights.
Apart from modifications in the appearance, the 1968 Camaro for sale is likely to have better shock absorbers as these were modified to fix problems in earlier models. Moreover, some of the higher performance models have multi-leaf rear springs.

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