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1969 Camaro For Sale

While many of the Chevrolet Camaros have curvy looks, the 1969 Camaro for sale can be spotted with ease because of its sportier and more angular appearance. This was the only year when the Camaro was produced with angular lines, making it a distinctive series.

Looks Matter Too for the Camaro

The 1969 Camaro had the same power train and other features as the earlier model but looked sportier because the sheet metal was changed. The redesigned grille had a heavy V cant and the new door skins, rear valence panel, and rear quarter panels made the car look wider, lower, and more aggressive. Car collectors are divided about the merits of this angular look, but if you are looking for a sportier Camaro, this is the model year you need to focus on.

Design Features in the 69

The Z28 option of the 1969 Camaro comes with a 302 cid small block. As the RS model was available with either the SS or Z28 options, some of the Z28 cars have RS features as well.
The 1969 Camaro Z28 for sale will feature a Muncie four speed transmission, a standard Hurst shifter, and a 12-bolt rear axle with 3.73 gears. The 302 engine has forged pistons, 11:1 compression, forged steel crankshaft, Holley carburetion, and solid lifter camshaft.
More than 20,000 Camaro Z28s were sold in 1969, ensuring that you can find many of these for sale now.

Physical Attributes

The 1969 Camaro for sale can be identified by its angular and sporty looks as well as its V grille. The wider bodied look is complemented by the Muncie four speed transmission and Hurst shifter. While Chevrolet reverted to the curvy look for later models, many people who look for vintage models of cars feel that the angular look of the 1969 model is worth preserving.

Production Facts about the 1969

This design was sold for a long time as the manufacturing year was extended because of some problems with the 1970 design. However, the cars were truly made in 1969 and not in 1970 as some people suspect. The cars were made until November 1969 instead for production being stopped earlier.

Rare & Exotic

The RS or Rally Sport option of the Camaro is very rare in 1969 with simulated rear fender louvers, black body sill, the RS emblem on the grille, and bright accented tail lights. This sporty model is much sought after by vintage car collectors as the angular looks of the 1969 model combine with the RS design to create a marvelous and lasting statement.

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