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1959 Corvette For Sale

If you were to find the 1959 Corvette for sale, you would be looking at one of the most successful sports cars created by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. The Corvettes have been produced for seven generations now and the Corvette 1959 is a classic sports car from the 1st generation.
Though mechanically identical to the Corvette 1959, there were many twists and additions made to the 1959 model. The 1958 had a busied chrome styling which was revamped and improved considerably in the 1959 Corvette. The cars before '59 came equipped with faux hood louvers as well as deck lid bars with a chrome finish. These features faced plenty of derisive comments in their time and were done away with completely in the Corvette 1959.

Effective Changes for the 59

Though the alterations made to the 1959 model were minor, they were very effective ones and addressed all the pain points that Corvette owners had had in the past. Complete with repositioned armrests, extra space for storing small items in the form of a shelf placed under the passenger grab bar, repositioned door handles and new seats that gave some form of lateral support, the 1959 Corvette is a much-appreciated and loved model.

Your Predilection

Other changes included the addition of a new instrument panel equipped with concave lenses to cut down on reflections and glare, and a revamped 4-speed shifter with reverse lockout t-handle. As compared to the vertical pleats of the 1958 and 1960 Corvette, the 1959 model boasted of horizontal seat pleats that ran from one side to the other. The model was launched with many optional features. Customers could opt for a completely black interior finish. This was also the only year in which a turquoise colored soft top was made available.
Standard features such as the tachometer, rear view mirrors placed on the outside, seat belts, an electric clock as well as dual exhaust can be found in the Corvette 1959. Other than this standard equipment, sun visors were also offered as an optional addition.

Spectacular Colors Available

If you have found a 1959 Corvette for sale, you must know that it is one of only 9,670 cars to be built under the Chevrolet Corvette in that year. All these cars are convertibles assembled in St. Louise, Montana. Exterior color options include Inca Silver, Tuxedo Black, Frost Blue, Crown Sapphire (offering only turquoise interiors), Roman Red, Classic Cream, and Snowcrest White.


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