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1960 Corvette For Sale

If you are looking for a Chevrolet Corvette from 1960 for sale, you will be asking for one of GM’s most successful model-year sales record breaker. With 10,261 units in circulation, the 1960 Corvette for sale was a popular model made even more famous by the 1960 CBS TV show Route 66. The show depicted actors Martin Milner and George Maharis living a life full of adventure and freedom, driving the 1960 Corvette across the highways of America.

Power Driven Corvette

While not much was amended in the looks department in comparison to the 1959 model, there were plenty of power related changes made to the 1960 Corvette for sale. The top two engine received upgrades that included solid lifters and higher compression. This meant a potent pumping of 315 bhp at 6200 rpm.
The second variant was powered with hydraulic lifters that proved to be a boon in terms of maintenance and pumped out about 275 bhp at 5200 rpm. However, these changes also meant that the fuel injected engines were no longer equipped with the Powerglide automatic transmission. The torque generated by these powerful engines was simply too high. On the other hand, the carbureted engines were left pretty much untouched.
Code DH aluminum head engines made it to the advertising board but did not successfully make it to the main production run. Notoriously difficult to manufacture, the aluminum head engines were phased out in the development phase. However, aluminum radiators were installed in the 270 and 290 bhp Corvettes. Barring the base model, all other engines received cast alloy 7 fin valve covers. The base engine came with painted steel valve covers adorned with the Chevrolet script.

Less Weight in 1960

Other changes included a front sway bar that was bigger in diameter as compared to the previous model and a new sway bar at the rear. A terrific new clutch housing made of aluminum brought down the weight of the car by a solid 18 pounds. The final result was a model-year 1960 Corvette for sale that offered a smoother ride and a much more neutral handling than ever before.
Though originally branded as a sports car, the later Corvettes were rebranded as smooth-running no-fuss cars that were perfect for touring. But this does not mean that you will not find a performance driven 1960 Corvette for sale! There were plenty of affordably priced performance options such as the Positraction, four-speed gearbox, metallic brake innings and blackwall nylon tires that customers could opt for.

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