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Ferrari 355 For Sale

If you come across a Ferrari 355 for sale, it is worth considering purchasing this car. This sports car model was the one preceding the Ferrari 360, and was produced from 1994 to 1999. Ferrari 355 replaced the 348 model, with improvements in performance, speed, and handling. The 360 is a rear wheel drive powered by the V8 engine, and emphasis on the design was placed to improve performance and handling at different speeds and driving conditions. The V8 engine was much superior to the one in the 348, with better displacement at 3.5 liters and a 5 valve cylinder head. This resulted in much better power, which was 380 PS.

The body and chassis of the car is in a one-piece design, and the material is steel, which was the standard material during that time. The car featured two dampers settings, which was possible by incorporating independent wishbones and gas filled shock absorbers with servos having electronic control. Even though all 355 models were equipped with power steering, there was an option for manual replacement.

3 Models To Choose From

You will come across three models of Ferrari 355 for sale; the Berlinetta coupe, GTS with targa top, and the Spider convertible. The Berlineta was launched first and the GTS and Spider convertible were rolled out in 1995. In the beginning, the Berlinetta was available with six-speed manual transmission, which was standard during the time.

However, Ferrari introduced the F1 gearbox system to Berlinetta models in 1997, which was the first of its kind in a road car. This new transmission was made especially for extremely quick gear change where the hands of the driver would not leave the steering wheel at any time. Out of the 4,871 Berlinetta models produced, only 1,042 had the F1 transmissions.

Incredible Design by Ferrari

The GTS model offered the same specifications as Berlinetta, except it had a targa-style roof, which could be removed and stored behind the two seats. Ferrari produced 2,577 GTS 355 models out of which 529 cars had the F1 transmission. The Spider on the other hand had a much superior design, which was elegant and offered heightened aerodynamic performance. This was the first Ferrari model, which offered electronically powered soft-top. Ferrari produced 3,717 Spider 355 cars, out of which 1,053 had the F1 transmission.

Late in March 1999, Ferrari introduced an enhanced version of the Spider, called the model SerieFiorano, and only 104 cars of this model were produced. Of these, 74 units had the F1 transmission and 26 units had the standard manual six-speed transmission. The enhancements were made to improve performance and looks of the Spider.

When you come across Ferrari 355 for sale, only limited models will have the F1 transmission and hence these might be costlier. However, the models with the manual six-speed transmission are still a marvelous choice if you are looking for a Ferrari with a comparatively smaller price tag.

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