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Ferrari 360 For Sale

If you are looking for a Ferrari 360 for sale, there are sterling chances of finding this car in prime condition. Ferrari started producing this model in 1999 and production stopped in 2005. Since this model was produced for almost seven years, there are very good chances of finding this car with many used car dealers.

The 360 is a sleek sports car with two seats, powered by the V-8 engine. The frame of the car is entirely in aluminum, which makes the car almost 28% lighter, even though it is about 10% bigger than previous models. Body design is by Pininfarina, which is unique, since the car has more rounded corners rather than the usual sharp angles.

Outstanding Features on this Beauty

When looking for a Ferrari 360 for sale, you have a choice of three models. Ferrari first came out with the Modena in 1999, and was later followed by the Spider. The final 360 model was the Challenge Stardale, which was considered the best performing version. It had an improved gearbox software, various power improvements, aerodynamic gains, tuned suspension for the track, and carbon ceramic brakes.

Some Changes to Look Forward Too

Modena was the first to roll out in 1999 but production continued until 2005 even when the other two models were available. The Spider was introduced two years after the Modena, which was a convertible. This may not be for everyone but some people love the feeling of the wind blasting against their face when on the road. The specifications of the Spider were almost the same as Modena, except the weight. Since it was a convertible with no roof, Ferrari had to make some changes for torsion rigidity. For achieving this, the sills were made stronger, the floor pan was made stiffer, and the windscreen was redesigned.

Wrapping Up The Model

The Challenge Stradale was the final model of the 360 series, and all improvements were focused on performance. All the extras featured in the Modena were made standard in the Stradale, and the body was lighter and the design had better aerodynamics. The weight reduction was possible by excluding power mirrors and windows, and the sterero.

The Modena and Spider belted out 400 bhp @ 8,500 rpm, whereas the Challenge Stradale was capable of 420 bhp @ 8,500 rpm. The difference in performance between the Challenge Stradale and the other two models was quite noticeable. The top speed for Modena and Spider was 189 mph, whereas Stradale was capable of 186 mph top speed. If you come across Ferrari 360 for sale, it is worth considering the three models and their features.

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