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Ferrari California For Sale

If you come across Ferrari California for sale, you would be looking at one of the best grand touring sports cars. The production of this hard top convertible started in 2008, and Ferrari continues to manufacture this car until date. The California is equipped with a mid-mounted 4.3 liters V8 engine capable of delivering 453 hp at 7750 rpm and a torque of 485 Nm at 5000 rpm. Ferrari originally used the name California for its 1950 model 250 GT, and it has again revived the name with this model.

Spectacular Features

Ferrari introduced many features for the first time with the California. Notable amongst these new features were:
 A direct fuel injection engine
 Dual clutch seven-speed suspension
 V8 engine in the front
 Rear suspension with multiple links
 Folding metal roof
The powerful engine of the California is capable of 80 kW per liter of engine displacement, which is quite impressive considering it achieves this without using turbocharging or supercharging. The car can reach a top speed of 193 mph, and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is in 3.9 seconds. The company made a scale model one-third size of the actual California and used it in the wind tunnel for more than 1000 hours to perfect the aerodynamics. The result was one of the most aerodynamic cars that Ferrari has every made with a drag coefficient of 0.32.

Increased Power

In beginning of 2012 introduced an upgraded version of the California, which was lighter by 30 kg and had a tuned engine. Ferrari managed the reduction in weight without changing it from being a four-seater convertible. The power output of the engine was increased by about 30 PS, which meant the California could now deliver 480 hp at 7750 rpm.
Acceleration time was also reduced to 3.8 seconds from 3.9 seconds for achieving a speed of 62 mph from zero. This is outstanding because with this type of speed you can get from where you are to where you want to be that must faster. Another notable feature was the inclusion of the Delphi Magne Ride dampers that increased the response in steering by 10 percent, and much faster ECU. The new inclusions were also responsible for minimizing body roll and increasing driver input response.
Note the year of manufacture of Ferrari California for sale, as there is marked difference in performance and other features in the later models. In 2013, Ferrari introduced the California HS, which has a distinct look with its silver front grille, and silver ventilators a little away from the front wheels.

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