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Ferrari Testarossa For Sale

Even though the vehicle was produced from 1984 to 1991, you will still find a Ferrari Testarossa for sale amongst many dealers. It is one of the prized earlier models from the Ferrari stable, which is still very popular. Ferrari produced about 11,000 Testarossas, making it the most produced models of those times, even though it was highly priced.

Power Like None Other

The Testarossa has an exotic design with a long body, which immediately creates a commanding presence on the road. The mid-engine is mounted on the rear, and the car has a rear wheel drive giving it more stability with an excellent cornering ability. The engine itself is a 4.9 liter Colombo Flat 12, capable of 390 hp at 6300 rpm, and a torque of 490 Nm at 4500 rpm. This redheaded Ferrari Testarossa for saleĀ (Testarossa means redhead in Italian) can accelerate for zero to 62 mph in 5.3 seconds and has a maximum speed of 180 mph.
The initial model during 1985 had wheels with an odd diameter, and you could not fit standard tires. In 1986, the wheel design remained the same, but Ferrari managed to change the tires to standard sizes. The suspension of the Testarossa is independent at the rear with a combination of coil springs, wishbones, and telescoping shock absorbers. The full suspension and drive train was designed in a manner, which facilitated its removal as a single unit.

A Cultural Icon

Even though the Testarossa was quite expensive and was a gas-guzzler, the car had many admirers and most people loved it for its looks. The image it created was perfect for the 80s and people still find it awesome. It became an icon for the retro culture of the 80s and it popularity can be seen from the fact that it featured in various video games and TV shows. The outstanding element in the design was the side strakes, which were later copied by other manufacturers in their models and they became available as a popular aftermarket component.
Unfortunately, only one official convertible variant of the Testarossa Spider was made, and was gifted to Gianni Agnelli. This model was given a silver exterior with a white top that had to be manually removed. To accentuate the design a stripe in dark blue ran over the black sills. Many people wanted the Spider model, but Ferrari was not keen on manufacturing it since it posed several challenges. It had to do with the demand and the cost to produce and what they saw was not enough to begin manufacturing this type. However, conversion firms, including Pininfarina, made several unofficial conversions.