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Boss 302 For Sale

The Ford Boss 302 is a variant of Ford Mustang which was first launched in 1969. The latest model is the second generation edition which is called 2013 Mustang Boss 302. It was built for Trans Am racing series. When you are viewing Ford Boss 302 for sale offers, do check out the latest model as the new meaty edition runs faster and is quite powerful.

Born to Perform

The Mustang Boss 302 was born to deliver performance. The appeal of the car is simply eye-catching. There is a hockey stick graphic along with reflective stripes on the sides of the car. The car has been painted yellow along with sterling gray accents. The HID headlamps and the LED tail-lamps both appear marvelous. It has lightweight black colored 19inch alloy racing wheels fitted with Pirelli P Zero tires.
The 2013 Boss 302 edition has the same engine that is present on the 2012 edition. The 5.0 liter V8 engine is capable of producing 444 horsepower. The Boss 302 records a speed of 60mph from zero in only 4.6 seconds. Boss 302 can run 17mpg in the city and in the highway it can run 26mpg.
The manufacturer has fine-tuned Mustang GT’s suspension and has added higher rate coil springs to deliver better handling. The shocks can be adjusted by using a screwdriver. It offers three driving modes namely, Comfort, Standard and Sport. All the four wheels of the Boss 302 have been fitted with large ABS equipped discs.

Impressive Technology in The 302

When it comes to high tech features, the Mustang Boss 302 for sale has a Ford SYNC system which is nothing but Ford’s very own in-car connectivity for voice features. It includes a handsfree, Bluetooth enabled calling connectivity through mobile phone, USB music player, and free emergency calling service.

Maintain Control

The Boss 302 is powerful machine but when you drive around the corners, the car does not seem to handle that well and sometimes struggles to maintain control. After driving the Boss 302 couple of times, you will be able to understand how the car needs to be handled.
The only major issue with the Boss 302 is its pricing. Cars like Camaro SS 1LE that have similar specs as Mustang Boss 302 is available at lesser price. Still, it manifests looks to die for, speed and improved handling. So you should be looking for Boss 302 for sale offers to acquire the powerful Mustang at a price that may be just as impressive as the car.

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