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Ford GT40 For Sale

Manufactured in England, the Ford GT40 is an American-British racing car that was produced from 1964 to 1969 to fight against Ferrari in long-distance races. If you are searching for Ford GT40 for sale, probably you are looking for a super sports car that has achieved lots of fame in the past.

Amazing Curves

The Ford GT40 stands 40 inches tall and is quite wide and the chassis has been kept low. The roof cut-in doors really gives the racing car a unique appeal. The rear fender looks muscular and makes you feel that it is a powerful machine. The air vent on the sides of the car is similar to the ones present on Mustang. The aerodynamic shape of the car is truly captivating.

Ford GT40 Variants

There is a 4.7 liter Ford V8 engine under the hood of Mk I version of Ford GT40. The engine has been tweaked to produce 430 horsepower. However, in actuality, the Ford GT40 can churn out 400 horsepower. Even though it’s an old sports car, it is so fast that it can kiss 60mph within 4 seconds. As far as top speed is concerned, it can consistently maintain a maximum speed of more than 200mph.
If you want more speed from the car, you can get a 7.0 liter version of the car called Mk II. A J-car version of Mk II was also manufactured. It retained the large fuel tank and came out with enhanced aerodynamics and lighter weight.
The Mk III Ford GT 40 is not a racing machine but it is a road car with sporty appeal. It is fitted with 4.7 liter engine that can produce 335bhp. This model is quite different from racing car edition. The Mk IV was toughened edition of J-car model. It came with the same 7.0 liter engine. The car was much safer than any other editions because it featured a steel-tube roll cage.

Incredible Driving Experience

The Ford GT40 is equipped with six-speed manual transmission gearbox. The car handles quite well and gives the driver great amounts of grip. You can achieve amazing speed when you drive the Ford GT40 straight and then you when you brake late, you will get enough downshift before you take a turn. If you are in search for Ford GT40 for sale deal, the classic racecar from Ford is just the thing for you as it is surprisingly fast and has inspiring appeal.