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Lamborghini Countach for sale

If you come across a Lamborghini Countach for sale, you will first be fascinated by its sharp angled look. This was the first model that popularized the wedge shaped look in sports cars, and was produced by Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. This car had a larger engine, which was accommodated by introducing a forward cabin concept in designing.

It's An Eye Catcher

The name Countach is actually an exclamation in one of the Italian languages, which is made by men while spotting a very beautiful female. This is a departure of Lamborghini from the usual routine of naming cars after bull breeds.
The unique styling of Countach was done by Marcello Gandini, who was inexperienced in ergonomic aspects of practical automobile designing. The striking design of the body was complimented by the styling of the doors that had front hinges, and the doors could be lifted up. The result was an almost flat car with sharp angles.

Just Awesome

The later model of Lamborghini Countach for sale will be equipped with a V12 engine that has a longitudinal mount, with the driveshaft at the rear. The cars that were produced first will have a 4-liter engine, while later ones will have 4.8 liter and 5.2 liter engines. Almost all Countach models will have six carburetors, except the 5000QV model that has the K-jetronic fuel injection system by Bosch.
The body of the Countach has a tubular frame, similar to a racing car, with a skin for aluminum that is used in aircrafts, and the under carriage is made from fiberglass. The aluminum material is quite expensive, but is quite light and at the same time very strong. Even though the size of the Countach is quite large, it weighs only 3,100 lbs.

Power Options

The first model was the LP 400, which had narrow tires and the lowest drag amongst all the countach models. This model was followed by LP 400S in 1978 with a downgraded engine. However, there were some major changes in the exteriors. The tires were much wider, and there was a fiberglass extension for the wheel arcs. This model was available with an optional spoiler in V shape for the rear deck, which gave better stability at high speeds; however, the top speed was reduced by 10 mph.
The other major Countach models that were introduced were the LP 500S in 1982 and the 5000QV in 1985. However, any model of Lamborghini Countach for sale is worth considering for its sharp design and powerful speed.

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