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Lamborghini Miura For Sale

The Lamborghini Miura for sale is believed to have started the trend for two-seater, high performance, mid-engine sports cars. Developed in their own time by three Lamborghini engineers, only 764 units of this iconic car were produced by Lamborghini from 1966 to 72. Its sleek styling and revolutionary design were well received by automobile experts, ensuring that Lamborghini went on to produce some of these cars. The two-door coupe has a rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive, and a 5 speed manual transmission.

Made to Move Fast

The Lamborghini Miura is a road car that has a racing pedigree. The sleek lines of the car as well as its on road performance made it the flagship product for years. The Miura is named after a fighting bull breed in line with the new Lamborghini trade mark.
The fact that there are very few of these iconic cars available, makes it a sought after model in the used car market. These cars can still be used to impress your friends. When it comes to purchasing a used Lamborghini Miura, it is better to go through a dealer who will vet the car and provide a warranty. The car does not come cheap. When you purchase a Lamborghini Miura for sale you are not paying for a used car but a slice of automotive history. These iconic cars were the flagship product of the Lamborghini stable for years. Moreover, any vintage car aficionado will prize these cars for their place in the history of sports cars for the road. When introduced, the Miura was the fastest road car available.
While other cars have now overtaken it on speed, the Miura is still admired for its sleek lines and elegant design. A timeless classic, the Miura will win its owner the admiration of all those who appreciate wonderful cars.

Not Just a Car but a Statement

You can own a luxury car like the Lamborghini Miura for sale only by purchasing it in the used car market. However, you can ensure that your purchase is more than just a display piece by acquiring it through a dealer who offers a long warranty. This will ensure that you can take a spin in your Miura when you desire a thrill. Impress your friends and family by adding this superb car to your collection.

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