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Lotus Esprit For Sale

Lotus Esprit is a rear-wheel drive British sports car. The first version of the car was rolled out in 1976. Lotus Cars is all set to release a new version of the car in 2014. If you have found a used Lotus Esprit for sale, most likely it would be a racing car that has a marvelous appeal but the only place it lacks is racing speed.

Lotus History

The Lotus Esprit S1 (Series 1) model which came out in 1976 was equipped with 2.0 liter Lotus 907 V4 engine that was capable of producing a horsepower of 160. It was fitted with five-speed manual transmission system. The car was quite fast in its era mainly because of its light weight. It weighed below 1,000kg. It took 8 seconds for the car to reach 0-60mph. It could achieve a maximum speed of 133mph.
The Lotus Esprit S2 (Series 2) was launched in 1978. The intake and cooling ducts were modified and the position of battery was relocated on this version. The Essex Turbo Esprit was brought out in the market in 1980. It was the first turbocharged Esprit. The Lotus 910 engine was able to produce 210 horsepower. It was able to touch 60mph from zero in 6.1 seconds. It marked a top seed of 150mph.
In 1980, Lotus also launched Turbo Esprit and S3 (Series 3) models. They sported the same chassis and configuration. The S3 sported a Lotus 912 engine. In 1986, the Esprit HC and Turbo Esprit HC were launched. The former produced 172 horsepower whereas the latter produced 215 horsepower.
In 1987, an elegant looking Esprit was launched designed by the famous designer Peter Stevens. It retained the 910 engine which produced 215 horsepower. However, the time taken to achieve 0 to 60mph was brought down to 5.1 seconds. It clocked a top speed of 150mph.
In 1994, another popular designer, Julian Thompson designed the S4 (Series 4) edition which was the fifth generation Esprit car. The very first V8 engine powered Esprit was rolled out in 1996 that produced 500bhp.

2014 is the Year

When the Paris Motor Show was held in 2010, Lotus Cars had unleashed a ravishing new car design for the Esprit that would go manufacturing at the end of 2013. The new Esprit is expected to go on sale in 2014. Both the exterior and interior are to sport futuristic appeal with minimal design features.
When you search for Lotus Esprit for sale, you will come across different models of the car. You can go ahead with a classic edition of the Lotus Esprit or patiently wait for the new model to release. A lot of expectations are set on the 2014 Lotus Esprit and we hope that Lotus Cars impresses the automobile world with a stunning sports car. Why should it not? It would certainly not be the first time!

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